APTA Home Health is governed by a four-person Executive Committee composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

  • The officers of the Section assume office at the end of the Association’s Combined Sections Meeting
  • The term of office of each officer shall be three (3) years, or until the election and assumption of office of his/her successor.
  •  No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office, but shall be eligible again after one year’s absence from office.

Nominating Committee members also are elected by section membership. 

  • Members shall serve a term of 3 years, commencing at the close of the Association’s Combined Sections Meeting, if one is held, with one member elected each year. The member with seniority shall chair the committee.

Open Positions for the Coming Year

For 2020, open positions are:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Nominating Committee Member

Click Here to view the 2020 slate of candidates.

Duties of the above positions are described in the Home Health Section Bylaws and the relevant Section job description. It is expected that elected Home Health Section leaders will not be restricted by their employment responsibilities from attending, and be willing to attend, Section Board and Business meetings when required by their leadership roles. 

**Only Current PT & PTA HHS Members are permitted to vote. Please login and click the button below to vote! Voting ends September 30, 2020!**

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Annual Elections Timeline

Per the bylaws: 

  • June: Send out consents to serve
  • July 15: Deadline for consent to serve is July 15, send all consent to serves to ED
  • August 15: Publish ballot
  • Sept 1: Voting begins
  • Sept 30: Voting concludes
  • Oct 15: Results announced no later than this date

Election Results