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Posted: 4.08.2020

As we enter a new month of combating the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important we continue to maintain vigilance.  “Vigilance” is defined as “the state of keeping mindful watch for possible danger or difficulties” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  This will be required in the coming days and weeks where we, as a profession, must sift through the volumes of information circulating through news, media and the scientific community, as our country continues to seek resolution to this crisis. 

I would like to remind each of you, as a highly trained professional, it is not only our job to make sense of the information out there, but to engage in the discussions, and decisioning, as a very essential – and capable – member of the health care community.  We, along with the heroic doctors, nurses and other medical professionals on the front line of this disease, should be involved where needed, and prepared for when, and where, we will be called upon to do our part. 

Moving forward, we can and should expect an increasing surge of patients arriving directly home from acute care facilities, either to free up acute facility resources to treat the COVID-19 patients, or for continued care at home of the COVID-19 patients themselves.

Please continue to resource the Home Health Section website ( ) as we work diligently to comb through material that can best assist you to in your role as a home health physical therapist and physical therapy assistant.

Be vigilant.  Be prepared.  Stay informed.


Dee Kornetti
APTA Home Health Section



Free Recorded Webinar Now Available

The webinar recorded on April 4th, COVID-19: Minimizing the Impact of Social Distancing for the Older Adult, is now available for free. This webinar looks at minimizing the impact of social distancing and is aimed primarily at our older adults, their caregivers and therapists looking for ideas to help the older adult in these challenging times. Representatives from home health, acute care, geriatrics and the cognitive and mental health SIG speak on ways individuals, their families, caregivers and therapists can help minimize the impact of the isolation being experienced by many of our older adults. 

For more information and to view the webinar, CLICK HERE


Plan for 2020 House of Delegates & NEXT Conference

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the APTA Board of Directors has made the difficult but necessary decision to transition the in-person House of Delegates to a virtual format and cancel the NEXT Conference & Exposition in Phoenix and replace it with a separate virtual event.

The virtual House will occur over the scheduled June 1-3 dates. The Board recognizes that a virtual format cannot replicate the unique experience of having more than 400 delegates in the same physical location collaborating to advance our profession, but are confident that a virtual platform that allows the House to conduct its business.

Members can login and view more information on this, HERE


CMS Telehealth Clarification Regarding F2F

The following clarification is from Mary Carr at NAHC: 

CMS has not issued guidance for the physician F2F encounter for HH to permit telephone assessments. At this point, CMS requires the F2F encounter be via telehealth. Although the encounter may be conducted via telehealth, telecommunications for telehealth during this PHE is defined as two way audio visual technology. These telephone codes are permitted for physicians to bill for services but do not extend the HH physician F2F encounter. Permission to use telephonic assessments for the F2F encounter is being considered by CMS but nothing issued thus far. 


Home Health Section Provides Resources on COVID-19

Just as a reminder, please visit the APTA Home Health Section website to access COVID-19 pandemic resources, including Telehealth options. You can access this page directly by clicking the yellow button at the top of this email or by clicking here.

This page is updated daily, so please check back frequently for the latest information. Resources added this week include: 


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