HHS Community Forum Emails

The Home Health Section's Community Forum provides an area for members to engage in conversation. Because of the current crisis, there has been quite a few messages coming into members' email boxes, allowing members to share information in real time. While many are appreciative of these conversations, we realize some would prefer not to receive these email notices every time a new topic is posted or replied to. 

If you would like to limit or unsubscribe to these notifications, please follow these instructions. 

After logging in, click on "My Profile":

Then, click on "My Profile" again, and choose "Contact Preferences":

Your contact preference list will appear as below. The green "On" button can be toggled to "Off", and under "Forum Subscriptions", you may choose which types of email notifications you would like to receive, i.e., none, new topics, new topics and replies. 

 Any changes you make will automatically be saved.

If you have questions, please contact the association office at [email protected].