Presidents Message

Posted: July 16, 2020

As we continue to tackle this pandemic health emergency, I think back to my behaviors in March and April of this year, when I first began social distancing and wearing my mask in public places - as initially recommended.  I think back 3 months and wonder, had we as a society received a clear and direct message consistently from public health and government authorities, where we might actually be now. I don’t understand the personal decision to forgo one of the most basic means of infection control measures, in the interest of us all. 

And so, as we a nation, continue 3 months later, failing to retreat in the overwhelming face of evidence, to BASIC INFECTION CONTROL MEASURES, I am confounded.  In my 5th month of observation of these measures, I am becoming impatient and short-tempered.  The desire to return to my “freedoms” to come and go as I want, congregate with people, and engage in professional activities is growing . . . and yet I am prevented by those who continue to function outside of the realm of reality.  It is frustrating and wearisome.  I feel the impact on my life and my freedoms increasing.  Enough is truly getting to be just that – ENOUGH.

As we look to the predicted spike come flu season, I continue to do my part and look forward now, beyond the 2020 Fall/Winter season, to kicking off 2021 (the APTA’s Centennial Year) at CSM with all of you in my home state of Florida.  I hope that we can celebrate together . . . both our Centennial as a profession, as well as our national recovery from COVID-19. 

As always, be vigilant.  Be prepared.  Stay informed. 


Dee Kornetti
APTA Home Health Section