Advanced Competency in Home Health Certification‐ Physical Therapist Assistant Graduates

The Advanced Competency in Home Health certificate is a program of the Home Health Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. The list below is of physical therapist assistant graduates of the certification and they are listed alphabetically by state. 

Name Location Certification
Maureen Bridges Colorado Springs, CO Date Issued: 9/27/2020   Date Expires: 9/30/2025
Kandy Lee Ortgies Cedar Rapids, IA Date Issued: 9/18/2018   Date Expires: 9/30/2023
Kayla Termeer Eudora, KS Date Issued: 9/27/2020   Date Expires: 9/30/2025
Zachary Hampshire Fremont, OH Date Issued: 11/22/2020   Date Expires: 11/30/2025
Cindi Ann Cathey Broken Arrow, OK Date Issued: 1/23/2019   Date Expires: 1/31/2024
Kathleen Donaldson Crofton, MD Date Issued: 8/15/2021    Date Expires: 8/31/2026
Dwayne Shillingburg Oakland, MD Date Issued: 9/30/2019   Date Expires: 9/30/2024
Michelle Clark Albuquerque, NM Date Issued: 2/29/2020   Date Expires: 2/28/2025
Gerald Morigerato Buskirk, NY Date Issued: 1/31/2020   Date Expires: 1/31/2025
Denise Roberts Weaverville, NC Date Issued: 4/25/2021  Date Expires: 4/30/2026
Volodymyr Yefymenko Furlong, PA Date Issued: 2/11/2019   Date Expires: 2/29/2024
Erin Taylor Camden, SC Date Issued: 1/26/2019   Date Expires: 1/31/2024
Derek York Spotsylvania, VA Date Issued: 9/30/2019   Date Expires: 9/30/2024