Home Health Grant Program



APTA Home Health funds pilot research in the home care clinical setting. The purpose of this grant program is to encourage the process of data collection and care practice investigation, thereby enhancing opportunities for evidence-based practice by Section members. Moreover, the program is intended to develop viable pilot studies, ultimately serving as the foundation for larger investigations with industry-wide implication.

Funding Eligibility

Eligible studies will address one of the following areas:

  • Examine the effectiveness of a treatment approach that is specific to the home care environment (ex- front-loading visits, telemonitoring, chronic care management, disease-specific program, etc.).
  • Examine the impact of individualized care practice procedures on process or outcome based measures.
  • Examine home health service delivery and impact on hospitalization or rehospitalization rates.
  • Examine the use and effectiveness of evidence-based standardized measure(s) with specific health conditions (ex- Parkinson’s Disease, heart failure, frequent falls, etc.).

Availability of Funding

APTA Home Health has allocated a total of $5,000 for 2024 to fund pilot research by Academy members. The grant may be used to purchase equipment, pay consultation fees, recruit patients, or fund clinicians to collect data. Grant funds from this program cannot be used for administrative or overhead expenses. Physical Therapists receiving funding from this program will be expected to submit their findings in abstract form to the APTA Home Health Research Committee within three years of receipt of funding.

The Research Committee will then consider the project for presentation at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting. Evidence of approval from the investigator’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Biomedical Research must be provided before the funding will be released. Grant award recipients will have 180 days to submit proof of IRB approval once notified of grant award acceptance. If the awardee requires additional time to obtain IRB approval, an extension request must be sent to the APTA Home Health Research Chair prior to 180 days after notification. Extensions may be granted at the discretion of the APTA Home Health Research Committee with a timeframe of up to 90 days.

Grant Application Components

  • Cover page
    • Title of project
    • Principal investigator with contact information and mailing address
    • Co-investigator(s)
  • Abstract (1 page maximum)
    • Background, Purpose, Design, Methods, Anticipated Results
  • Needs Statement (5 page maximum)
    • Background of topic requiring investigation (Note Funding Eligibility criteria)
    • Literature review
    • Proposed research plan description
    • Anticipated results
    • Timeline
    • Budget and budget justification
  • Principal Investigator Curriculum Vitae

Criteria for Review of Applications

Priority will be given to applications that meet the following criteria:

  • Have a specific and well-designed purpose related to ‘hot topics’ in today’s home care industry (ex- acute care hospitalization, falls intervention, PPS revenue).
  • Projects that measure the effectiveness of home care physical therapy interventions.
  • Projects that are expected to enhance the clinical practice of fellow Academy members.


The application must have been submitted to the research chair on or before October 31, 2024.

Members of the APTA Home Health Research Committee will review each proposal to determine if it is one of the five types of proposals eligible for funding. Eligible applications will be forwarded to an appointed grant review committee that will review and rate each eligible application. The highest rated application will be selected for funding. All applicants were notified of the results no later than December 15, 2024 and will receive funding following submission of IRB approval. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the APTA Home Health Research Chair with any questions.

Research Chair: Dr. Tracey Collins - [email protected]