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APTA Home Health, an Academy of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) offers great advertising options,  whether you are interested in print or electronic, or a combination. 

About Our Organization                                                                                                                                                                                    APTA Home Health is the professional association for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants who work in home health  or community health settings. The Academy supports these professionals with continuing education, advocacy, clinical and management  information and resources relevant to the home/community health settings. 

Audience Demographics  2,500 PTs, PTAs & other PT professionals focused on practicing in the home care setting. Approximately 56% of APTA Home Health members work in management or administrative positions and 53% are clinical staff.  In addition to our members, our electronic newsletter  (“House Call”) is also distributed to additional 2,500 non‐member contacts, including lapsed members, home care agencies, and other home  care‐related contacts. Total distribution for House Call is approximately 4,800. 

Advertising Platforms:

The Quarterly Report

Print newsletter published 4 times annually. Available to all members in electronic format at all times via website.  Distribution/Issue: 2,500 members and subscribers. Ads are full color. 

Submission Deadlines:
Spring Issue - March 15th
Summer Issue - June 15th
Fall Issue - September 15th
Winter Issue - November 15th

All advertisements for The Quarterly Report must be provided in high resolution .PDF or .EPS to the ad size specified  below, in full color, by the issue deadline above.  

Ad Size Dimensions (with borders) Single Issue Rate 4-Issue Rate
Full Page 7 ½” wide x 9 ½” high $375 $337/Issue
1/2 Page 7 ½” wide x 4 ½” high  (horizontal) OR 3 ½” wide x 9 ½” high (vertical)  $250 $225/Issue
1/4 Page 7 ½” wide x 2” high  (horizontal) OR 3 ½” wide x 4 ½” high (vertical)  $175 $157/Issue
Back Cover
(By reservation)
7 ½” wide x 4  ½” high  $350 $315/Issue


Quarterly Report Advertisement Order Form

Website Banner Advertising

APTA Home Health banner ads are featured in the advertising space on the homepage of the APTA Home Health website. Banner  advertisements are hyperlinked to the URL you provide for on‐click access. The Academy has approximately 2,500 members and an  additional 2,300 non‐member users. 

Banner Advertising Availability
Banner ads are monthly, available upon request. Ads rotate for 4 seconds and placement is on a first‐come first‐served basis. 
Advertising Specifications 

930 pixels (wide) x 220 pixels (high) PNG or JPEG. Note that individual banner ads “rotate” for 4 seconds each. Position  in rotation is based upon order received. You’ll also provide us with a URL for active ad click. 


Banner advertisements are $120 per month. 20% discount with pre‐payment if you commit to a banner ad for 12 months.

Banner Advertisement Order Form

E-Housecalls Newsletter

Email newsletter with a distribution of approximately 4,800. Three advertising openings per issue, first‐come first‐served. Ad sections are 570 pixels Wide x 120 pixels High and submitted in a .jpg or .png format. Each ad is $250 per issue. 

Submission Deadlines:
Mid-Winter Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), Week before CSM Issue - January 15th
Early spring Issue (Mid-March) - March 1st
Early Summer Issue (Mid-June) - June 1st
Mid Summer Issue (Mid-July) - July 1st
Late Summer Issue (Mid-August) - August 1st
Early Fall Issue (Mid-September) - September 1st
Late Fall Issue (Early December) - November 20th

E-Housecalls Newsletter Advertisement Order Form

Career Center

APTA Home Health's popular Career Center is a part of the Association Career Network, managed by Affiniscape. More than 300 association job sites participate in the Career Center, including numerous home care associations. Advertising through the Career Center provides employers with an opportunity to get PT/PTA job listings in front of thousands of professionals each month through online listings and email announcements. The Career Center also provides a service where job seekers may post resumes.

Advertising Discounts: We do not offer agency or member discounts. We generally offer a discount on pre‐paid long term commitments for any advertising type. Refer to the details for each advertising venue for additional discounts. 

Disclaimer - Physician Owned Practices: Because the APTA has a policy against arrangements under which sources of referral (including physicians) stand to profit from referring patients for physical therapy, APTA Home Health does not accept job listings for positions in a practice if any physician has a financial interest in the practice and refers patients to an employed physical therapist or to a physical therapist who supervises an employed physical therapist assistant. To complete your submission, you must sign and date the Advertising Insertion Order, confirming that the advertiser does not operate in a referral‐for‐profit environment.

Advertising Deadlines & Specifications: Ensuring that artwork is provided to APTA Home Health by the applicable deadline in the format required is the responsibility of the advertiser.

APTA Home Health Advertising Terms & Conditions