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Pre Claim Review (PCR):
Connecting the Front Line to the Back Office

Cindy Krafft, PT, MS, Section Government Affairs Chair; Chris Cycak, Revenue Cycle Manager for Celtic Healthcare; Jessica Lippert, RN, medical Records Clinical Coordinator for Celtic Healthcare 

 4.45 MB
26 min.


Cindy Krafft interviews Chris Cycak and Jessica Lippert of Celtic Healthcare about how Celtic is adapting to Pre Claim Review requirements.

CMS Pre-Claim Fact Sheet (10/5/2016)

 CMS Pre-Claim Review Overview
 Dee Kornetti, PT, MA
2 MB
6 min.
6/17/2016 Additional information and links
Homebound Podcast (updated)
Gretchen Anderson, PT, MSPT, COS-C, GCS
4 MB
22 min.
 4/14/2015 Revised version of 1/2015 podcast

Physical Therapists & Wound Care
Shelly Abeln, PT

2 MB
9 min.

 9/16/2011  Reviewed on 12/10/14
Physical Therapists & Regulations Related to Pulse Oximetry 
Ken Miller, PT, DPT
 5.75 MB
12.5 min.
7/25/2011  Reviewed on 12/10/14
Are You Using Maintenance Therapy G-Codes Correctly?
Cindy Krafft, PT, MS
 3.14 MB
18 min.
1/23/2015 Updated January 2015.

Functional Reassessments in 2015 - Clinical & Billing Issues
Cindy Krafft, PT, MS

 3.12 MB
18 min.
1/23/2015 Updated January 2015.