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Home Health Agencies: CMS Flexibilities to Fight COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, the Trump Administration has issued an unprecedented array of temporary regulatory waivers and new rules to equip the American healthcare system with maximum flexibility to respond to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These temporary changes will apply immediately across the entire U.S. healthcare system for the duration of the emergency declaration. The goals of these actions are to:

1) expand the healthcare system workforce by removing barriers for physicians, nurses, and other clinicians to be readily hired from the community or from other states;

2) ensure that local hospitals and health systems have the capacity to handle a potential surge of COVID-19 patients through temporary expansion sites (also known as CMS Hospital Without Walls);

3) increase access to telehealth in Medicare to ensure patients have access to physicians and other clinicians while keeping patients safe at home;

4) expand in-place testing to allow for more testing at home or in community based settings; and

5) put Patients Over Paperwork to give temporary relief from many paperwork, reporting and audit requirements so providers, health care facilities, Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, and States can focus on providing needed care to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries affected by COVID-19. 

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2021 CSM Housing Now Open!

Editor's Note: Since this story was posted, APTA decided CSM will be held virtually. More details.

Housing for CSM 2021 in Orlando, Florida is now open. No immediate payment is required, and cancellations can be made free of charge until three weeks prior to the event. Registration is set to open in September. APTA will continue to monitor the COVID-19 health crisis and align with federal, state, and local guidance. Refunds and credit opportunities will be available to exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees if the COVID-19 health crisis forces cancellation of the in-person event. Until that time, we are moving forward in our preparations as originally scheduled.

For more information & to book your room, click here!


How Have You Survived COVID-19?

The Home Health Section is seeking feedback, anecdotes and strategies from our members on how your experience with COVID-19, to highlight in the Fall Quarterly Report.  Suggestions for submissions include:

  • Anecdotal information from the field -  what have you seen as the biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?
  • What have you done that is unique to home health?
  • Success stories and strategies; tips for self care, etc.  

Please keep in mind that all submissions MUST be HIPPA compliant. Please send your submissions to us at [email protected] no later than September 1, 2020. We thank you in advance for any contributions. 


Presidents Message

Posted: July 16, 2020

As we continue to tackle this pandemic health emergency, I think back to my behaviors in March and April of this year, when I first began social distancing and wearing my mask in public places - as initially recommended.  I think back 3 months and wonder, had we as a society received a clear and direct message consistently from public health and government authorities, where we might actually be now. I don’t understand the personal decision to forgo one of the most basic means of infection control measures, in the interest of us all. 

And so, as we a nation, continue 3 months later, failing to retreat in the overwhelming face of evidence, to BASIC INFECTION CONTROL MEASURES, I am confounded.  In my 5th month of observation of these measures, I am becoming impatient and short-tempered.  The desire to return to my “freedoms” to come and go as I want, congregate with people, and engage in professional activities is growing . . . and yet I am prevented by those who continue to function outside of the realm of reality.  It is frustrating and wearisome.  I feel the impact on my life and my freedoms increasing.  Enough is truly getting to be just that – ENOUGH.

As we look to the predicted spike come flu season, I continue to do my part and look forward now, beyond the 2020 Fall/Winter season, to kicking off 2021 (the APTA’s Centennial Year) at CSM with all of you in my home state of Florida.  I hope that we can celebrate together . . . both our Centennial as a profession, as well as our national recovery from COVID-19. 

As always, be vigilant.  Be prepared.  Stay informed. 


Dee Kornetti
APTA Home Health Section



Open Letter From JAMA Editor Bauchner

Posted: July 16, 2020

Earlier this week, Howard Bauchner, M.D., the Editor in Chief of The JAMA Network (The Journal of the American Medical Association) wrote an open letter defending Dr. Anthony Fauci.

"...Tony has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to public service – he has been steadfast in his commitment to improve and preserve the health and public health of this country using science and evidence as his guide..."

To read the entire letter, CLICK HERE

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