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PAC Educational Collaborative Resources - Leadership In Change Webinars

Posted: November 5, 2019

The Post-Acute Care Educational Collaborative between HPA, AGPT and HH Section Presidents facilitated the developed two resources, in conjunction with APTA, to assist therapists as they travel into PDPM/PDGM.  They are free and should be considered as another resource for the industry. These specific webinars were developed with HPA at the helm, in collaboration with the LAMP program.

8/29/2019 Working with a Team to Prepare for the New Payment Models:

8/1/2019 Managing Change While Succeeding:


APTA Comment Letter - Senate Select Committee on Aging – Notes from Hearing on Falls and Falls Prevention

Posted: October 22, 2019

On Wednesday, October 16th the Senate Select Committee on Aging held a hearing on falls and falls prevention. This hearing was held in conjunction of the committee’s anticipated report on falls prevention.  APTA submitted extensive comments to the committee in response to their RFI on falls prevention earlier this summer in preparation for the report.

Representing the HH Section, Jason Falvey, PT, DPT, PhD, lead the HH Section's response to the Committee's invitation to stakeholders to comment. Thank you, Jason, for all of your efforts in this and for representing the Home Health Section!

Attached items include:

  • Senate Aging Committee’s long awaited report on falls
  • National Council on Aging’s witness testimony
  • MaineHealth’s witness testimony


  • Kathleen Cameron (National Council on Aging)
  • Peggy Haynes (MaineHealth)
  • Elizabeth Thompson (National Osteoporosis Foundation)
  • Virginia Demmy (PA resident, patient)

The Senate Committee on Aging conducted a hearing on the economic and human toll of older Americans who fall. Falls affect a third of all older Americans and cost billions of healthcare dollars every year. Falls are often the starting point of a downward spiral towards critical health issues. The witnesses all mentioned the importance of awareness and preventive screening under Medicare. The witnesses emphasized that evidence-based programs to keep people active, retrain balance, and build strength have more positive outcomes after falls. The most discussed topics of the hearing were Maine’s “A Matter of Balance” evidence-based program, home modifications, and preventative evaluations by clinicians. Most senators asked for details on how to meet the needs of rural elderly citizens through telehealth and rural hospital evaluations. The Chairwoman concluded that with the Committee’s report and stakeholder input, falls can be prevented with low cost solutions compared to other healthcare issues facing the nation.

Notable points impacting the APTA:

  • NCOA’s opening statement included a proposal to “Expand payment of providers for the Welcome to Medicare and AWV to include both physical therapist and occupational therapists.” See more details in NCOA written statement on page 13.
  • MaineHealth’s opening statement indicated that their innovative and widely successful fall prevention program called “A Matter of Balance” was started and led by clinicians including physical therapists. See more details in MaineHealth’s written statement on page 2.
  • During the question period, Sen. Collins asked the MaineHealth witness which entities are offering these evidence-based programs for rural areas specifically asking if “community health centers, PT’s, rural hospitals” were included. The MaineHealth witness indicated that all of these have been providing the Matter of Balance classes.
  • During the question period, Sen. Doug Jones gave a story about his mother experiencing multiple falls and asked the witnesses: “How important is it, for any fall of an elderly person, to see some form of physical therapy or occupational therapy as a follow up?” The National Osteoporosis Foundation witness said it is “critically important” and then went on to more about bone density screening.
  • Sen. Collins concluded by telling a story of her own fall a few years ago that resulted in a broken ankle. She said: “I am forever grateful to the OT and PT who helped me gain function again” and “It was the OT and PT who really got me back on my feet and walking again.”
  • Sen. Collins then entered all the stakeholder comments (including APTA’s comment letter) into the record.

Members can login here to view the APTA comment. It is listed under "Documentation, Billing and Claims." 


2019 Home Care & Hospice Conference and Expo of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice

Posted: October 22, 2019

Last week, members of the APTA Home Health Section attended the 2019 Home Care & Hospice Conference and Expo of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice in Seattle, Washington. The conference carried the theme "Foresight: Care for the Future." It came during an acutely important time for home health providers, from CMS' new Patient-Driven Grouping Model (including changes to Requests for Anticipated Payments); expansion of the Review Choice Demonstration program to Texas, Florida and North Carolina; federally mandated Electronic Visit Verification and more. Below are photos from the conference!

Dawn Greaves, Editor, HHS Quarterly Report - at Medbridge Event, NAHC 2019 with Dee Kornetti, APTA HH Section President.

Cindy Krafft, Section member, Past President, HHS - on NAHC's Honor Roll as member of
the NAHC Advocacy Council, Innovations Committee and Women in Leadership groups.

HHS Booth at NAHC - we had fun at booth #844!  Thanks for participating, Don Knox, HHS Executive Director (not pictured, as
he as was taking the picture!), Cindy Krafft, Jason Falvey, Dee Kornetti, and Kara Gainer!

Marlon Libuano - HHS member and HHS President, Dee Kornetti . . . with a photo bomb from Jason Falvey!

Medbridge event Monday night at NAHC 2019.

Clay Watson and Dee Kornetti at booth #844 - Clay is the current President of the UTAH Home Care Association and HHS member.

PTs at NAHC 2019 - front row from left:  Dawn Greaves, Dee Kornetti, Charlotte Norton; back row from left: Jason Falvey, Cindy Krafft, Clay Watson


2020 Home Health Research Funding Cycle Request for Proposals Submissions

Posted: October 22, 2019 

The Alliance is now accepting submissions for research proposals seeking 2020 funding, which will help advance home health care and may seek to improve care delivery at home through quality and innovation. For the 2020 funding period, funding will be awarded up to $125,000 maximum. Multiple projects may be funded if they do not exceed the total funding allocated for all projects of $125,000.

Accepted project(s) will further research on home health care, with specific focus on areas identified in the published paper, “The Future of Home Health Care: A Strategic Framework for Optimizing Value” and listed below:

  • Patient and Person-Centered Care
  • Technology
  • Home Health Workforce
  • Clinical Innovation
  • Disease-Specific Intervention
Additional topics related to payment and delivery reform are acceptable as well, including the following examples:
  • Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM)
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Value-Based Purchasing
  • Bundled Payments

The full RFP is available here, and also via PDF. Submissions will be accepted through Friday, December 27, 2019. 

You can read about the Alliance's 2018 research funding awardees here. The 2019 awards have been distributed and will be announced soon.

If you have any questions about the RFP, the Alliance, or Alliance-sponsored research, please reach out to the Alliance’s Director, Policy Communications & Research, Jennifer Schiller, at [email protected] or 202-239-3427.


APTA HHS Member Spotlight

Posted: October 22, 2019

Todd Davenport, PT, DPT, MPH, OCS, Professor & Program Director at University of the Pacific, was selected as a recipient of the Clarence W. Hultgren California Physical Therapy Association Service Award for his varied work over the years, including serving as the Founding Chair of the California Research Council.

To the left is a photo of all the award recipients with the originator of the award, Clancy Hultgren, who is a past CEO of CPTA. To the immediate right is Carolyn Hultgren, who is a past Chair of the physical therapy program at UOP.

Dr. Davenport received an Outstanding Research Publication Award as a lead author on the manuscript entitled, "Chronotropic Intolerance: An Overlooked Determinant of Symptoms and Activity Limitation in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?"  Dr. Davenport was also recognized for his research contributions as a co-author on publications.

Congratulations, Todd!

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