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Seven Hot Issues Getting Attention in State Legislatures

The fight to improve direct access continues, use of the licensure compact grows, and telehealth is being discussed just about everywhere.

When it comes to state legislation relevant to PTs, PTAs, and students, the current COVID-19 pandemic hasn't slowed things down. In fact, if anything, issues arising from the pandemic have kept state lawmakers busier than ever. Legislation being addressed this year ranges from core physical therapy concerns such as direct access and fair copays to telehealth policy, which the pandemic has pushed to the forefront of physical therapist practice. 

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APTA’s New ChoosePT Public Service Announcement Delivers the Movement Message 

Posted: February 25, 2021 

The spot, to be distributed nationwide, is a call to increase physical activity—and seek PTs and PTAs to help improve and restore movement.

"It's time to move, and keep moving, America — wherever you are, however you can."

That's one of the key messages in APTA's new ChoosePT public service announcement, which was unveiled online yesterday and will be released to TV and radio stations nationwide. The video is built on a montage of a diverse range of people to convey the message that most Americans aren't getting the recommended amount of physical activity — a health crisis that was present before COVID-19 and shouldn't wait for the pandemic to end before being addressed.

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President's Message

Posted: February 11, 2021

Virtual CSM . . . New Frontiers 

It’s an exciting month for members of sections and academies . . . it’s Combined Sections Meeting!  As we wrap up the 2nd week of this month-long event, I invite all of you to participate in this re-envisioned conference, enjoy it from the comfort of your home, and capitalize on the numerous opportunities to engage with colleagues across multiple component programming. Register online here 

Specific to Home Health Section content, please reference our scheduled programming, and don’t miss your opportunity to engage with our team of expert speakers through live Q&A sessions as well as the ability to ask questions through the Confex conference platform.  I, along with many of you, regret the inability to travel and congregate, to celebrate our 100th year in person, but appreciate the CSM experience we do have available during the continued pandemic health emergency.  I will not miss this unique offering and look to maximize my engagement with a larger variety of content than in-person attendance usually affords me. 

Please support additional specialty programming offered by the Home Health Section - our annual business meeting, PT After Dark, and post-con.  A special “thank you!” to our Section Program Chair (SPC), Erin Pazour, who has risen to this unique challenge and coordinated another year of exceptional course content! 

As always, be vigilant.  Be prepared.  Stay informed.  Get vaccinated. 


Dee Kornetti 
APTA Home Health Section 


APTA Develops Telehealth Certificate Series

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased the number of patients seeking physical therapist services via telehealth. This paradigm shift will improve access to care, but it also brings change. APTA has developed a telehealth certificate series to ensure that PTs, PTAs, and students are prepared to provide excellent care via telehealth. Learn best practices and tips covering ethical and regulatory considerations, administration and marketing, technology, and clinical application.

Enrollees must complete six mandatory core courses within six months of enrollment to receive the APTA telehealth certificate. Elective courses are optional and not required to receive the APTA telehealth certificate.

Click here to learn more. You can also access this series by going to the APTA Learning Center > Catalog > Telehealth Catalog. 


Psychological Burden Associated with COVID-19: Experiences of Healthcare Providers and Organizations

BCAT is conducting a survey to assess the psychological burden associated with COVID-19.

Healthcare providers have been on the front lines battling the novel coronavirus pandemic on behalf of their patients and residents. The emerging research literature documents that the psychological toll of COVID-19 on providers, organizations, residents, and their families, as measured in mood and somatic symptoms, is high and rising. 

BCAT is surveying healthcare providers across the healthcare continuum in the US asking questions regarding their perceived psychological burden 10 months into the pandemic as well as queries about their coping skills, suggestions for social and organization support, and thoughts about the vaccine.

Click here for more information and to take the survey. 

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