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Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report (PEPPER)

Home Health PEPPER is an additional resource that physical therapists can and should be aware of as it summarizes Medicare claims data statistics for a provider (HHA) in target areas that may be at risk for improper Medicare payments.  This report compares each provider's Medicare claims data statistics with aggregate Medicare data for the nation, jurisdiction and state of the provider.  This report is another way that CMS demonstrates responsiveness to its task of protecting the Medicare Trust Fund from fraud, waste and abuse as a provision of its program integrity activities.

Home Health PEPPER User Guide

PEPPER Target Areas for Home Health Agencies

Developing a Patient Listing for PEPPER Target Areas

President's Message 

Posted: August 28, 2020

As we put national political conventions in our rearview window, we enter the home stretch into US elections this November.  Don’t put your balloting spirit on hold quite yet!  We have an election that is getting ready to kick off for the Home Health Section just around the corner!  I am so excited that we as a section, and through the hard work of our Nominating Committee members lead by Trisha Salome, have slated a competitive list of candidates for elections; one where Vice President, Secretary and Nominating Committee have multiple individuals who have agreed to serve.  A big thanks to those who have stepped forward this cycle!

I look forward to my opportunity, not only as a US citizen, but a Home Health Section member to have my voice counted with my vote!  I am also thrilled, as the gavel came down at this year’s American Physical Therapy Association Virtual House of Delegates (HOD), that the sections and academies have won the right to vote in APTA national elections by an overwhelming show of support from our sister state delegations.  As we review our section bylaws, we seek to identify capable and willing members to become engaged as Home Health Section delegates, and participate in APTA national elections that will shape the direction of our association as we cross over our Centennial and into the future of the profession! 

Please take this opportunity to develop your skills as a voter.  I, along with many other Americans, am excited for the opportunity to have people that share our beliefs and views, and even LOOK like us, serve in elected positions.  It is important that we respect each others’ differences as we seek to elect those individuals who are capable of serving in the office for which they aspire to be elected.  It is in the diversity of who we are, as a people (and a Section!) that make us richer as a whole. 

As a nation and in-step with the American Physical Therapy Association, as current President of the Home Health Section, I strongly support our efforts toward diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our elected officials.  I hope you join me, this election season and vote!

Until then -

As always, be vigilant.  Be prepared.  Stay informed.


Dee Kornetti
APTA Home Health Section


Home Health Section's Comment to CMS' PPS-HHS 2021 Proposed Rule

The APTA Home Health Section submitted the following comments in response to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Calendar Year 2021 Home Health Prospective Payment System Rate Update; Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Model; Home Health Quality Reporting Requirements; and Home Infusion Therapy Requirement proposed rule. A special thank you to Carol Zehnacker, the GAC and Kara Gainer, APTA Regulatory Affairs for their work on this submission.

CLICK HERE to read the comments. 

Appendix A


AHA Updates FAQs Regarding ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding for COVID-19

The American Hospital Association updated the frequently asked questions regarding ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding for COVID-19 on August 5, 2020. 

Click Here to review the questions and answers that were jointly developed and approved by the American Hospital Association Central Office on ICD-10-CM/PCS and the American Health Information Management Association. 


CSM 2021 is Going Virtual!

Last Friday, APTA announced that CSM 2021 would be transitioned to a virtual event. This decision was made in the interest of participant health and safety. For details, please see the full notice posted by APTA.

This decision is certainly disappointing, as we had hoped to have a record-setting meeting in Orlando for our Centennial. However, please rest assured that APTA Home Health Section will be working with APTA staff, our CSM program chairs/committee and leadership to explore new ways of connecting to recreate the networking, research and education that so many of us enjoy about CSM. As PTs, PTAs and students of the profession, we know how to find ways to adapt when our circumstances change, so we will take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate what is working and how we can build on those successes in new and exciting ways.

More details about CSM 2021 will be released in September, and as plans are updated and we learn more, APTA HHS will pass that information to you. We look forward to your participation! 

If you have any questions, please contact APTA member services.

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